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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge for October

My 30 day challenge for October is to 'learn a new word everyday'. Its been nine days into the challenge and I have been consistent in my effort. I shall be updating this post daily with the words that I have learnt. The list goes as follows:

inveterate - Having a particular habit or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change.
unpalatable - Difficult to put up with or accept.
autodidacts - A self taught person
brazen - Bold and act without shame
chutzpah - audacity
fortuitous - fortunate, happening by accident or a lucky chance.
circumspect - heedful of potential consequences.
peccadillo - a small relatively unimportant offence or sin
beguile - charm or enchant someone in a deceptive way
cantankerous - Bad-tempered, argumentative and uncooperative.
deleterious - causing harm or damage
parsimonious - unwilling to spend money or resources, frugal to excess
foment - instigate or stir up
doting - to be extremely fond of someone or something
naysaying - say no to; deny or oppose
frenetic - fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way
aberrant - departing from an existing standard
capricious - given to sudden or unwanted changes in behaviour
didactic - intending to teach
rankle - to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment
metempirical - beyond or outside the field of experience
trepidation - apprehensive, state of alarm
retrograde - going in a backward direction
parse - to analyze
balustrade - staircase railing
tendentious - marked by a strong tendency in favour of a point of view
vociferous - noisy
voluptuary - a person devoted to luxury and sensuality
recumbent - lying low
disparaging - expressing the opinion that something is worthless
aficionado - an enthusiastic admirer, a fan