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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An Uneventful Meeting...

It all began with a pleasant morning,
Which didn't bestow any kind of a warning,
A little boy awoke with a start,
Yawned, stretched and smacked a small fart,
On his face lay a sly flat smirk,
For it was time to get back to work.

Time passed, days rolled, years strolled,
Yet the boy considered himself bold.
Skeptical about what lay ahead,
He was paranoid and so nothing he said.
He was inviting an unusual guest,
Who would prepare him for life's ultimate test.

The boy didn't quite recognize him,
In the room with the light quite dim,
Hesitantly he welcomed the stranger,
Hospitality first so he treated him as a ranger.
Little did he know, the man was here to dwell,
For a period that made his life living hell.

Initially it was all quite well,
Suddenly began ringing the alarming bell,
Awestruck by the sudden turn of events,
The boy struggled miserably with every passing moment.
Someone who was once so authoritative,
Was reduced to a being so contemplative.

It was a series of events culminating in a bizarre situation,
Bit by bit it increased his frustration.
Unable to bear the tension
Quite soon he became overwhelmed,
His agony was now turning into a wicked dell.
Not many folks could dare,
To stay alive with a living nightmare.
Its root cause was still unknown,
Little did he know that his guest had overgrown.

Life was difficult to manage for both of them,
Meanwhile, the guest had found a new gem,
He bade the little boy goodbye,
Who by now was emotionally very high.
"Beware", the man said, "I might visit you again",
"At that time, too, there would be nothing for you to gain".

It was a bolt from the blue, the boy realized,
Now, he seriously had his life to analyze,
The boy wondered what further omens did he lure,
Frightened about what else he had to endure.
As though reading my thoughts, the man replied, "By the way, my name is Failure..."