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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its been a really long time since then...

Its been long since I was actively blogging. Truth be told it was one crazy year. Fully loaded with suprises. My racing heart has only just begun slowing down.

It was just another ordinary summer, at least that's what I expected it to be. The city turned warmer day by day until it became rather uncomfortable to stick around. Met Sam, Diggy, Ciril, Nigel, Harsh, Purav, Darshan and few other friends. It was nice to catch up with these folks after a really long time. Had lots of fun in the city as well as Panchi. Diggy was kind enough to have us stay over at his place and in return, we turned the world upside down in his sleepy town of Satara.

Next trip was to my Gran's place, had fun, met folks from the family (most of whom I hadn't met in ages) and just as I was preparing to get ready for the new, but rather dull, academic year, things changed. Upon recommendation, I applied for an Engineering Course at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. I was lucky enough to not only get admission, but I also received a grant to pursue the course.

By now, I'm out of my Bachelors of Science (with computer science as major) program halfway, and am having the best time ever. Its been a really long time since I enjoyed studying my favourite subjects, mainly Math and Computer Science (which I'm taking up next semester). My course being Electronics, took me deeper into both fields. Looking back now, last year around this time I was still contemplating my future. Now I'm at a place where I get to show off my true creative abilities. It is something I've always wanted. Its a place where rote-learners have no place. With wonderful peers to help me out in times of crisis, I look forward to achieving what I aimed for. Everyday is an adventure with Gaurav, Tushar, L.P, Giri, Arshim, Sulabh and the whole crew at the Pati House. Fathima and her team never fail to entertain. I love you folks very much.

Connecting the dots...

Wasting a year and a half in the city college was something I thought about hard. Being separated from extremely close friends like Aneesha, Nigel, Piyush, Vimal, Munira, Naveen, both Rohits and the GOG team was difficult to contemplate. Look at it in another way, sometimes it takes time to find what makes us happy in life so we keep looking. If it took me a year and a half to find out what I truely loved and I'm also very much in touch with my friends. I don't consider it a waste.

It was totally unexpected; the lousy past 2 yrs, the hectic (and dull) life in the city and the last thing I expected was to get a scholarship. It was one hell of a year, probably my most memorable one. Now I'm back on track, determined and focused and ready to achieve what I set out for.

To sum up: Staying optimistic is very important, you never know what may happen. And like Steve Jobs said "...Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

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