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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The 'Karyalaya' - Contd.

A visit to an Indian Government Office - Day 2

Firstly, I'm sorry for the delay in this post which should have been put up weeks ago. I was busy with studies and tests.

So after a rather long weekend, (Sat. and Sun. and Mon. (2nd of October is declared a public holiday on account of Mahatma Gandhi's B'day)) I was back again at the mercy of the hon. educational Inspector of the Suburban district. As usual, I arrived way before time and similarly (usually) the office opened half an hour after the scheduled time. It was a dull morning and the sound of the rain pelting on the asbestos roof quite reflected my distorted state of mind. All in all, it was a series of events culminating in a bizarre situation.

I was welcomed by the same two people, the clerk and the employee. This time, the clerk gave me his typical discouraging excuse by saying that the Inspector would be arriving early on account of important work at 11.30 am (Early!! Think again). I didn't have a choice, it was now or never. I and sat on a wobbly wooden bench next to the door leading to the Inspector's office expecting his arrival.

The clock ticked away. Time passed - 10 o'clock, then 11 then 12 and there was still no sign of the Inspector. During this period, the office had a lot of visitors, most of them chatted away in Marathi (The regional Language, something which I'm scarcely familiar with). After a rather long period of two hours, I finally went and asked the clerk where in the world was this darn inspector. To my horror, the bloke replied by saying that the Inspector had already come and gone. That day, he didn't have the need to visit his office on the 1st floor (where I had been waiting anxiously). I cursed and left the place completely frustrated.

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