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Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Cleopatra

I was born sometime around fall of '89,
I guess at that time all was quite fine,
Precisely it was quarter past three,
When I self declared that I was born free.

That’s when I developed this strange affection,
With someone who would save me from any dangerous action,
Believe me this is no fiction,
And truly, between us there isn’t any friction.

Many don’t even get an opportunity to even see this strange friend,
They develop a fake one only according to their future’s trend,
But I was lucky for this very cause,
So my life continued without any pause.

When I think of this person, tears trickle down my cheek,
For, this person underwent a lot of trouble to reach me to the peak,
So 18 years I grew in Sun and Shower,
Most said, I was even prettier than a Lotus flower.

When eyes are red and body warm,
This person would sit beside me holding my arm,
This happened not once, but several number of times,
The very presence felt like the good luck of the wind chime.

This person was as beautiful as Cleopatra,
And could sing even louder than an orchestra,
Who would love and cuddle us when we were small and soft,
Try to remember whom we were all very fond of.

Who is this Divine Manifestation?
Many may ask out of total frustration,
I’ll say they answer awaits you,
Coz those who realize its value are very few.

A step closer to the answer is a clue,
By which most of you would think it was so simple,
Where would you find this person who does care?
Don’t search the world for such people are very rare.

Who is this dear person whom we actually love,
Before whom we must join hands and bow,
You may get puzzled and ask others,
But I tell you my friend, its none other than our very own ‘Mothers’


  1. good 1 rohit!!!keep it up buddy.

  2. I am touched and its a wonderful piece of work. hope we have lots of such articles coming up!!

  3. Really good work Rohit!:D..keep it up!:D

  4. An emotional blog post.
    I would like to add this famous Jewish proverb- 'God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers'.

  5. That was lovely rohit..goin to watch out ur space for more..keep it up